Connecting the Dots

Discovering how Business Growth, Leadership and Governance all tie together became the focus of Leadership Tri-County’s November session.

The Class with Rick Lewis, The Lewis Group

Through a full day of varying topics and perspectives, the Class of 2019 heard from business owner and community investor, Rick Lewis, President and CEO of The Lewis Group. Rick talked about his evolving leadership style, the importance of setting the standard in corporate culture by believing not only in himself, but in his people, and his investment in the Royersford – Spring City community project with Save the Trestle. The Class also participated in the second round of five deep dive John Maxwell leadership sessions with Jenna Armato of Attract, Engage, Inspire with a focus on character and creating positive change; received an update on Pottstown Area Industrial Development’s (PAID) initiatives, the visionary I Pick Pottstown campaign, and current projects from Executive Director, Peggy Lee Clark; as well as receiving four hours of in-depth instruction on Nonprofit Board Governance facilitated by Laura Otten, Ph.D. of The Non Profit Center at LaSalle.

The Class with Peggy Lee-Clark, PAID Inc.

When you connect the dots of the day, it was about developing awareness of the resources, opportunities, and needs that exist within our communities and workplace. It elevated the awareness of decision-making skills and level of influence. That just because someone has a title, it doesn’t mean they are a leader. The November session highlighted the importance of doing the right thing, being accountable, and getting involved in the many resources that are happening right here in our communities. It was about passion. So, whether they realize it or not, with only three months in to the program, it’s evident that the Class of 2019 is already beginning to influence one another by sharing new ideas and offering solutions. Trust is building. Community knowledge is building. Understanding the role of governance in serving on a nonprofit Board is building. The value of listening is building. A new level of confidence is building. As such, new and improved leaders are emerging. It is exciting to see.

In sharing how our November session began, I would like to end with a quote from President and CEO of The Lewis Group, Rick Lewis – “Don’t just give money and write the check. Find the need...the resources are all here, you just have to get involved.”

Blog written by

Jennifer O'Donnell, IOM

Director, Leadership Tri-County

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