Innovation and Influence

A blog post by Andy Ferens, Work Week Manager, Exelon

The March Session of the Leadership Tri-County Program focused on Business and Manufacturing. After an interactive Chamber breakfast where we got to recruit new members for the Leadership Class of 2020, we kicked off the busy day with a tour of FlagZone. It was amazing to walk back into the manufacturing facility and be surrounded by every size of American flag imaginable. We couldn’t help but feel a sense of patriotism and pride that a local business was supplying American flags that would be displayed nation-wide.

Our next stop took us next door to Sealstrip Corporation. Have you ever opened a resealable pack of tortillas, candy, frozen vegetables, cheese, etc.? Well then there’s a good chance the resealable feature was manufactured and/or applied by Sealstrip. Again, it was amazing to see something that is distributed and used nation-wide on such a large scale is manufactured right here at home by a local business. And to see the innovative machinery and technology used to create and apply it was beyond impressive.

Finally, the last stop of our day was at Martin Stone Quarries. Touring the quarry by driving up to the top… then down to the bottom really put in perspective the massive amount of resources processed and distributed by the quarry. It also showed the vast amount of material remaining to be processed over the years to come. It’s amazing to think of the amount of material that will be processed throughout the lifetime of the quarry.

The day wrapped up with a Leadership Discussion, with facilitator Jenna Armato, on serving others as a leader and leadership vision. As always, everyone brought their own unique experiences and opinions to fuel some honest discussion on what it means to serve others as a leader, as well as how a leader establishes and follows through on a vision.

The most impressive part of the day for me was seeing how our local businesses have an impact not just in the local community but on a regional and national scale as well. There is innovation and influence stemming from our local businesses and it was amazing to see the impact that’s having on a local and national level.

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