Reflections from our Health & Human Services Day in January

“It was a truly eye-opening experience. The amount of work accomplished by our local nonprofits which directly impacts and supports our community is vast! A Herculean effort for the few nonprofits when the community need continues to grow. I am grateful for the site visits as I was unaware of what some of these organization provided to the community. I hope to use my influence as an upcoming leader in the community to spread awareness.” - Ann E Maletsky, MBA Business Operations Limerick Generating Station Exelon Nuclear

“When I first reviewed the agenda for the day,I thought “Oh no,it is going to be a long day.”But, after breakfast, our visit to D.E.C. so touched me that it brought tears to my eyes. The day had just begun, but I already knew that after working & visiting with the individuals at D.E.C. the day was going to go by quickly. I was pleasantly surprised by the condition of the facilities that we visited and by the services that they offered. The day actually seemed to go by quickly…too quickly. With the world leadership in its current condition, it is absolutely reassuring that there are “leaders” in our neighborhoods that really do want to help the community. Their enthusiasm and energy levels were amazing. They all deserve our thanks… and help.” - Brian W. Meyer SR. Credit Analyst, VP The Victory Bank

“Impressive- is the word I would use to sum up our Health and Human Services Day.The heart of these organizations are run by people who truly have a passion to help others. In a world with so much focus on “what’s wrong” and “who is to blame” it was refreshing seeing all the “good” being done within our community.” - Jennifer C Ulrich Director of Professional Outreach Pottstown Hospital Tower Health

“Our Leadership Health and Human Services Day provided a wonderful opportunity to tour the Social Service providers that are available in the Tri-County Region. The need for these services is great in this area, so it was awesome to see these necessities are being met.”

- Krissy Pennypacker Laboratory Supervisor Pottstown Wastewater Treatment Plant Borough of Pottstown

“There are some really amazing organizations in the Tri-County Area dedicated to helping move people’s lives in a positive direction.”

- Ronald Linke Asst. Business Administrator Pottsgrove School District

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