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Starting a new journey with Leadership Tri-County

By Courtney Morrow, Production Supervisor of Dana Incorporated

I walked into the Tri-County Area Chamber of Commerce breakfast unsure what to expect. I was anxious but excited to start this new journey. We started off the day with some speakers from local businesses as well as a speaker on the vital statistics of the Tri-

County area. The information given by the speakers was something I had never spent much time on, but was pertinent as I myself am a Pottstown resident and was unaware of some of our more pressing issues concerning the vital statistics.

We all traveled back to the Chamber office to hear speaker Jenna Armato from Attract, Engage, Inspire LLC. How do you define leadership? A question I had never put much thought in until this day. Who inspires us and our accomplishments, what type of leader we think we are? Very insightful questions that by the end of our time with Jenna made me think of leadership in a new perspective. It was at this point that most of my nerves had subsided and I was genuinely excited to take this journey with Leadership Tri-County.

Now it was time for the bus ride to the Althouse Arboretum! I had no idea what was in store for us, but I am so happy I decided to be a part of this. I have not had this much fun in a very long time. We worked together as a team to find solutions and for never meeting anyone here other then today it was amazing how close we all felt and already in one day we had made important connections. I was amazed to learn that Green Allies who ran the arboretum were composed of children from middle school, high school and college, and it was with these students and their ideas that we were able to enjoy ourselves so much this day. It opened my eyes to so many possibilities and I was truly amazed that they were able to put such an amazing place together.

Day one of Leadership Tri-County was absolutely amazing and all the anxiety and nervousness I felt was all for nothing. I left that day counting down the days until we met again and excited for each and every class we have in the future!

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