What Kind of Leader are You?

A Blog Post by Class of 2019 Participant Dan Christopher, Branch Manager, Fulton Financial

The gathering of the Tri-County Leadership Class of 2019 was all about being a leader. What kind of leader are we, how do we influence as a leader and what kind of shadow do we cast as a leader?

It is one thing to influence by coaching and teaching, but it’s another to realize we influence others by who we are and how we behave. This we do without even trying.

We learned that Leaders cast shadows that impact the people in our business and in our personal life in many ways. As a Leader we influence what people do and how they behave. We as Leaders set the example for the culture and shape it by default and design.

We learned that we impact others by the shadow we cast. This is why we need to be aware of what we say and do at work and at home.

Have you ever thought how your shadow impacts others? We do this by being aware. Manage versus leading. Communicating your vision in front of your people is leading. Prodding and controlling to drive results is managing.

How do you lead?

We also learned that we are influenced by the strengths and challenges of the people around us. They help mold the shadow we cast.

As a strong Leader we must always look at ourselves first. Manage the impact of our behaviors. Walk the talk, keep our agreements and ensure others do the same.

How do you as Leader accomplish this?

You Lead by Example

You Coach

You Mentor

You Motivate

You Present a Vision

You Win!

You Inspire

You promote Teamwork

What kind of Leader are you?

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